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Welcome to St Mary's College RE (Religious Education). 

Our College is a K-12 in Southern Tasmania founded by the Presentation Sisters in 1868 - 

located in the grounds of beautiful St Mary's Cathedral, Hobart.

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Nano Nagle - Lantern Works

 Why Religious Education is important at St Mary's College...

Religious Education is concerned with the development of faith.  

It is based on the following foundational beliefs:

  • Religious Education is an essential function of the Church.
  • The skills of discovery, wonder and reflection are needed by those involved in Religious Education.
  • Religious Education is an educational process that is both comprehensive and systematic.

Religious Education is seen as an area in the curriculum which brings together many other disciplines and aspects of life. Religious Education therefore fosters a sense of belonging in the life of the Church through relationship with Jesus Christ, with others, and in God’s world by assisting students to understand and participate in the process of revelation and faith.

Religious Education involves the use of reason, skills, knowledge and experience. It helps the student to become familiar with the rich variety of religious experience, savour it, reflect on and analyse it and so to participate actively in it - as did Nano Nagle, foundress of Presentation Sisters- who went One Pace Beyond.